Immune Boosters

Hi! Norm here.

What do you do to keep your immune systems strong?

That is a vast and complicated subject, made more complicated by the fact that I am a dentist and probably should not be making medical suggestions for the world at large.

I decided to give you a list of what I do to keep my immune system strong – or at least what I am hoping is strong!

In no particular order:

  • Sleep eight hours each night in a cool, quiet, and dark room.
  • Squeeze in a 20-30 minute nap every day at lunch.
  • Exercise, which boosts the immune system, at least 20 minutes daily.
  • Diet: I eat lots of veggies, seed, and nuts—I love the cruciferous vegetables. (I just like saying that!)  These are kale, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower
  • Reduce Stress—I want to decrease cortisol by doing meditation and yoga or deep breathing.
  • I don’t smoke and I attempt to limit alcohol consumption.
  • I love doing yard work and getting out in the sun. It is my vitamin D fix.

Speaking of Vitamins, I take:

  •               B6—1.3mg
  •               Vitamin C—up to 1 gm/day
  •               Vitamin D—800 IU
  •               Vitamin E—200 IU

Other supplements:

  •               Zinc—30mg
  •               Echinacea as needed
  •               Elderberry as needed
  •               Probiotics as needed

I also love sitting and sweating, in my infrared sauna—125 degrees for one hour. This is my personal plan for immunity and keeping my immune systems strong. I would love to hear what you do!