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Keeping the oral health of your entire family in tip-top shape means having the best family dentist in your area. Whether you’re new to the neighborhood or your kids are at the dentist visiting age, looking for a Pendleton family dental office doesn’t have to be a challenge. Looking for a dentist for yourself is one thing, but now you’re responsible for the health of others and family dentistry is an important decision.

Here are three tips to finding the best Pendleton family dental practice to keep you and your family’s teeth in the best shape possible:

Ask Other Families

We all know other families that are further down the parenting road than you are. Don’t be afraid to ask recommendations and to talk with them about the family dentistry office they use. Talk to your neighbors and friends about the concerns you have and the experiences they’ve had, both positive and negative things.

The internet can only tell you so much and it’s better to rely on people who’ve used Pendleton family dentistry offices or a family dentist in Milton. The community knows more about local business than search engines do. The best family dentist is one that much of the community uses and so, if you hear a particular practice popping up again and again, chances are you want to look into that dental office more.

Look at their Reviews

Dental Reviews Milton-Freewater, Or

Most businesses, even local ones, are reviewed online in some way or another. Beyond looking at Google reviews or other review sites, there are plenty of neighborhood apps where people trade information about business in the area. Whether it’s a local hardware store or the best family dentist, as well as the worst, you’re likely to find it reviewed there.

So, you’ve come up with a few Milton or Pendleton family dental offices and want to look into them further, then reviews are the way to go. People get one-star for one reason or another, so be sure to read the reviews and why they were reviewed as such. Someone could have a gotten one-star review because of a rude front desk person that may not work there any longer. Focus on the service and bedside manner of the dentists themselves.

Also, you want to focus on family dentistry rather than a specialized dental practice. No use in looking into a practice that only deals with oral health issues and nothing but them.

If a review gives you pause, reach out to the reviewer. Plenty of people are happy to talk about their experiences and it gives you the opportunity to look deeper into the practice and further determine if they are the best family dentist for you.

Ask Questions

Now that you’ve further refined your list of Milton and Pendleton family dental offices, it’s time to ask them some questions and see who is the best family dentist for you. Remember though, you’re not just asking questions about your oral health anymore, you’re also asking for the kids. They’re not equipped to ask about insurance or the what-ifs.

There are the more obvious questions like if they take your insurance and what their rates are, but don’t forget to ask about how long they’ve worked with kids and what ages. A family dentistry office that has never handled an 8-year-old may not be the best family dentist for you if that’s the age range of your kids. Ask them how they’ve handled scared youngsters and how they encourage keeping a healthy mouth. Even as an adult, you know how important bedside manner is to your comfort and you may have been scared of going to the dentist as well when you were a kid. Remember to think from your whole family’s perspective.

Before even meeting the dentist, take a look around the waiting room. Are there toys and perhaps child-friendly programming on? That’s a good sign that this is the best family dentist for kids. How clean is the environment and does the staff seem friendly? Small things like that can better inform you before speaking with the dentist themselves.

If you’re worried that you won’t have any questions, think over your concerns as a parent and your worries when you were young, then jot them down. You won’t look silly for having a list of questions, you’ll be the concerned and protective parent you are; which is a great thing to be.

Just some tips on the consultation itself.

Having the Best Family Dentist

When you have the best family dentist available in town, you’re circumventing a lot of childhood anxiety and bettering your family’s health. Doing the research, talking with neighbors, and talking with different Pendleton family dental offices. Compare and contrast, investigate, and you’ll have family dentistry that you can stick with for years.

Stick to these tips and you’re sure to have the best family dentist available for yourself and your loved ones.

If you are looking for family dentist in Milton Freewater, Walla Walla or the surrounding areas our staff can help you with the processes. Find the right care for you, be healthy and happy.