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Having a dental emergency can be a stressful and painful experience, why add to it when looking for an emergency dentist? It’s something not many people think about till they need one and if it’s after-hours, what do you do? For good reason, most people only schedule dentists’ appointments because a problem is arising or for general cleaning. Though, things happen, and you may need a dentist immediately. It’s better to be prepared for such events than guessing what to do while in pain and needing emergency dentist care.

First, let’s define what a dental emergency is before hopping online and searching for “emergency dentist care near me.” Some signs that you’re having a dental emergency are:

-An abscess, a pimple-like swelling usually pus-filled and quite painful
-Something stuck in your mouth
-A lost filling
-A tooth knocked out, broken, or fractured,
-Bleeding that you cannot stop
-A toothache that doesn’t lessen with painkillers

These are all reasons to know how to find an emergency dentist near me and it’s important to know what to do if you need an emergency dentist. These are indications of needing immediate treatment, especially if a fever of 102 degrees or higher is involved. If anything on this list is something you think you may experience or are going through now, let’s get on to what to do if you need an emergency dentist.

Call Your Dentist

The very first thing you should do is call your dentist. If the dental emergency is during office hours, many dentists keep slots of open time in case an immediate appointment needs to be booked. The issues start arriving when it’s after office hours, holidays, or the weekends. If that is the case, still call your dentist as their answering service may have a number for these kinds of emergencies. It may even be your dentist his or herself if they offer emergency dentist services. If not, they may work with that kind of a provider. Often, dentists have a special voicemail for after-hour emergencies. Next appointment you have with your dentist, ask them what to do if you need an emergency dentist.

Emergency Dentist Near Me Search

If the dental office you use doesn’t offer emergency dentist services then, it’s time to hit the search engines and look for “24-hour emergency dental services near me.” It can be a hassle when in the middle of a dental crisis and so, perhaps do this before you need one. This would be like finding any other kind of dentist but, with the added emergency service. So, look at reviews and neighborhood apps or pages. See what the community says about the emergency dental care you’re interested in before scheduling a consultation.

Besides asking how much an emergency dentist service is, make sure your insurance covers it. You might be surprised to find how your insurance company defines an emergency, don’t be left in the lurch in a game of semantics. Finding a good fit-out of the emergency dentist near me results is just like finding any other dentist. Make sure your insurance covers it, see what the process is when emergency strikes, and see how their current patients feel about them.

Go to the Emergency Room

If there are no 24-hour emergency dentists near you and you need immediate medical attention, go to the emergency room. While they cannot solve dental issues, they can take care of bleeding problems, fever, and pain. It doesn’t heal the cause of your emergency but, it makes waiting for an emergency dentist near Milton-Freewater a lot more bearable and safer; especially where bleeding and fever is involved. It’s a last case resort but, better than suffering all night and risking further harm to yourself. Sometimes, dental emergencies happen and there isn’t always immediate care. So, yes you can go to the hospital when these things happen and see what can be done till you can get to your dentist.

Don’t Wait to Find an Emergency Dentist

Ideally, you want to find a primary care dental office that offers emergency dentist services. You know their process, they know your medical history, and you feel comfortable when emergency strikes. So, don’t wait for when one is needed and start going through the “emergency dentist near me” searches online, look for a good emergency dentist near Milton-Freewater now so you don’t have to do it later.

Being prepared for medical eventualities makes for a better life and keeps you healthy in the long-run. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use emergency dentist care and go through that stress but it’s important to have that option. No one can predict the future and you want to make sure your oral health is secured throughout your life.