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It’s the time of year to get a teeth cleaning. While many know it isn’t best to eat just before the dentist, what about after? How long do you need to wait after a dental teeth cleaning before you can quiet the rumble in your stomach? It’s not a simple time frame. It depends on a few things that may be used during your teeth cleaning. It also depends on the result of the examination that happens while the dentist is poking around.

Let’s discuss a few things about teeth cleaning before getting to eating again. 

Annual Dental Teeth Cleaning

The American Dental Association suggests getting a teeth cleaning twice a year. The reason for this is not just to do what the brush and floss can’t at home but, to detect early signs of oral health issues. It’s a chance to examine your bushing habits and to take note of anything that needs to be fixed. 

Don’t think of teeth cleaning as something like scrubbing the floors of your home. It’s an important part of your overall health. How your teeth look and gums are can be signs of issues elsewhere in the body or show signs of something up with your diet. 

Remember to book an annual dental teeth cleaning. Do it twice. 

Teeth Cleaning and Fluoride

Dental CleaningFluoride is often used in your teeth cleaning. It’s created from a mineral and is found naturally, though not in the form it is used in. It essentially teams up with the minerals in your saliva and strengthens the enamel of your teeth. That’s right, your teeth soak in the fluoride to strengthen your teeth. It’s in our water and in toothpaste for this reason. 

This is where the question of how long to wait after getting a teeth cleaning comes in. If your dentist administers fluoride during the checkup, you should wait 30 minutes before eating. You want to give your mouth time to clam down from the cleaning as well as allow the fluoride to settle in.

Think of the wait as giving your teeth a fresh start. Plaque removed, cavities dealt with, and an extra dose of fluoride to enhance the strength of your enamel. Keeping your enamel strong is very important. It’s the protective layer of your teeth and stronger than bone. If you have a sweet tooth or an acidic diet, they are constantly under attack. Part of the teeth cleaning is keeping the enamel healthy so your teeth don’t become weak or hyper-sensitive. 

When and What Not to Eat

 Another thing to consider when determining how long to wait to eat after a teeth cleaning is what the dentist says. If they find that your gums bleed easily or some issues to fix during the appointment, you may have to wait longer than 30 minutes. A teeth cleaning can be intense depending on what needs to be done.

Also, there are certain foods you should consider avoiding for the rest of the day. Things like sugary drinks, spicy foods, and acidic foods. Give your gums and teeth a chance to relax. If you haven’t a fluoride treatment during your teeth cleaning then you can eat immediately afterward. Though, you should stick to soft foods for the same reason. Give your mouth a chance to calm down and relax. 

Teeth Cleaning in Milton-Freewater

The best thing to do if wondering how long to wait after a teeth cleaning to eat is just to ask your dentist. While the general answer is not for 30 minutes, no one knows your mouth but you and the dentist. We encourage all our patients to talk with us about any concerns or questions they may have. Part of the bi-annual dental teeth cleaning is an opportunity to check-in with our patients and they with us. 

If you have any questions about our services or the cost of dental teeth cleaning, please give us a call. We also have plenty of information on our website and a virtual tour you can take to get to know us better. We’re very proud to serve Milton-Freewater and the surrounding areas. Honored to be trusted with your oral care.

Now that you know how long till you can eat after a teeth cleaning, the next step is to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. You can find our contact and appointment information here: (link)

Keep your smiles healthy!