Walla Walla Dentist

Walla Walla Dentist

To find a quality Walla Walla dentist you can trust for yourself and every member of your family, you may be required to do a bit of homework upfront before hiring. Broadway Family Dental Care is a great place to begin your search! Since finding a trustable dentist is an important decision for your health care, it is not one that should be made on a whim. Broadway Family Dental Care encourages you to pay us a visit as you search for a Walla Walla dentist to see if our dental clinic is right for you.


As you search for a dentist in Walla Walla, ask your neighbors, friends and family members which Walla Walla dentist they trust most. Do research online, checking review sites and social media to see what people are saying about the dentists you are considering hiring. Broadway Family Dental Care warmly invites you to check us out online. You will discover that we have lots of happy patients, and we believe that you will be happy with us too.

If you are doing a lot of research online, be sure not to choose the first one that you click on. Even in the Walla Walla area, on the Washingon and Oregon sides, there are several dentists to choose from. Some of the best ones may not be in the very first search engine results page. Therefore, do your due diligence and choose a dental clinic that you feel at ease with. Choose at least three to five dentists and narrow down your focus. You will learn a lot just from their reviews.

Read Reviews

Reviews are important, especially the ones that are authentic! Unfortunately, a lot of reviews online aren't authentic, and with a careful eye, you can usually separate the good reviews from the bad ones quite easily. You should look at both the positive and negative reviews. Of course, you should always remember to use critical thinking when reading reviews for any site, product, or service. Sometimes, you may find an individual with a Yelp profile, for example, who leaves negative reviews on everything, whether at the dentist's, the car wash, the restaurant, or the doctor's office.

Check Credentials

At Broadway Family Dental Care, our dentists spend a lot of time in ongoing education. Moreso than what law requires, our dentists are continuing schooling and learning to give their patients that absolute best care possible. All of our licensed dentists are here to provide the best treatment in Walla Walla.

Compare Prices

The old adage is true that you sometimes get what you pay for. Once you narrow the practice down to a couple that you like, it may be worth your while to call up and ask for a couple of comparison costs so that you can work out what's best for you. Just know that many dental procedures can't be priced until the patient is examined because each patient is different, and two people might end up paying two different prices for the same dental procedure.

Stop by Broadway Family Dental Care to find a Walla Walla dentist for the whole family.

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Walla Walla Dentist Walla Walla Dentist Walla Walla Dentist Walla Walla Dentist