Wellness Tips

Most people want to live long lives. We also want to be in good health for the majority of our lives. Health expert Dr Chip Whitney calls this, “Making your health-span match your life-span.”

Here are our tips for a healthy life:

Start with a better night’s sleep

Sleep 6-8 hours per night. If you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, do an online search for “Sleep Hygiene Tips”. These are simple tweaks you can make to your routine that can make a big difference in how you feel.

Get screened for sleep apnea.

If you snore, be kind to your bed partner and try an appliance to help stop snoring. At Broadway Dental, we can make you a mouth appliance to help stop snoring, or to treat sleep apnea.


Get 22 minutes of cardio exercise a day – that’s 150 minutes per week. Exercise helps protect your blood vessels from damaging inflammation.

According to a study from Harvard University, adults over 30 can lose 3-5% of their muscle mass every ten years. If a person weighs 150 pounds, they may lose 7 pounds of muscle every 10 years! Fight back with regular weight-bearing exercises.

Helpful Foods and Supplements

Eat wild Alaskan salmon 2-3 times a week – or take a daily fish oil supplement with 1000 mg EPA.

To see if your fish oil is of good quality, poke a capsule with a pin squeeze out some of the oil to taste. If it tastes fishy, that is good sign. If it tastes rancid, you have a low-quality or damaged supplement.

Eat your vitamin A, don’t get high doses in a vitamin supplement. Yellow, orange, green veggies have this important nutrient.

Eat dark chocolate every day! Enjoy 7-10 grams of 72% cacao for healthful antioxidants. This is about 1 square for most bars.

Probiotics are bacteria that are friendly to our bodies. Taking a quality probiotic capsule daily has been found to calm auto-immune diseases, help with digestion issues, and help you absorb the nutrients from your food better. Probiotics may also reduce “brain fog” and depression.

Look for probiotic foods and drinks. Some popular probiotic foods include yogurt, non-pasteurized sauerkraut, and kimchi. For a good-for-you drink, try kombucha and kefir.

Dental Care

Keep your mouth clean. Did you know that good gum health is as important to your overall health as not smoking? If your gums bleed, ask Broadway Family Dental Care how you can get a handle on better health.

If you are diabetic, have your teeth cleaned every 3 months. The landmark “Jeffcoat Study” showed that diabetic people who do this can save thousands of dollars per year on prescriptions and medical care.

Don’t Forget the Fun

Take a vacation! People who get away once in a while have lower death rates from heart disease.

Laugh often and listen to your favorite music; these have proven health benefits!