Everyone is looking for something to make us be healthier, live longer, look better, keep the brain sharp, a magic pill and the proverbial fountain of youth.

There are a lot of pills and procedures out there. Most of them used to treat some infirmity we already have. They cost money and produce side effects that need their own pills to fix and we are now on the treadmill called the Americans Health Care System. A system that only works when we are sick, and not very well at that. Let me turn you on to something that, if you are willing to put out a little effort, will minimize your need for pills and the American healthcare system.

What is the magic bullet??? EXERCISE!!

It will keep your medical costs lower, help you sleep better at night, slow the aging process and improve your mood. An investment in exercise is preventive medicine. What a great idea!!

There are very good studies shown that active people have lower blood pressure, stroke rates, heart attack rates, a decrease of 13 types of cancer including breast, ovarian and colon. We are able to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes also. Mentally exercise has been shown to lower rates of anxiety, depression and memory loss.

Americans spend 3 trillion dollars on healthcare every year with most going toward disease treatment. With all that money spent, the US ranks 43 among all nations in longevity and population health.

There seem to be a lot of reasons to consider exercise on a day to day basis. What are the negatives? Short answer- It takes some effort on your part! The World Health Organization advise that most adults need 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity each week and twice weekly muscle strengthening sessions.

For us boomers and seniors let’s talk about how exercise keeps us young or in the very least keeps us from dying prematurely.

People who exercise regularly had few heart attacks and strokes and lived longer than those who spent most of their time on the couch. It also slows the progression of degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Moderate physical activity increases the flow of blood to the brain which increases oxygen levels and removes toxic compounds that kills brain cells. Exercise reduces inflammation which in turn reduces protein plaques in the brain, a contributor to Alzheimer’s. It also causes the release of feel-good endorphins and helps lubricate our joints. Exercise is an anti-aging strategy with a lot of science to support it.