Bribing kids

Let’s talk about bribing kids to get them to do what we want. I do this and I am not ashamed to tell you, their pediatrician, or their grandmas.

My boys are nine and six years old now. I can get them to brush, use their flossers and tongue scrapers every day, but they are bribed to do so, and have been for years.

Here is how it works. I give them candy after they brush and “flosse” their teeth. Yes, candy. But not just any candy, what we refer to as “brushing candy” is actually good for their teeth, and tasty, so my boys want to earn them by cleaning well.

All I have to say is, “After you brush and use your flossers and scrapers, come and get your brushing candies.” Done. I check to make sure they cleaned all the plaque off their teeth well, and they jump for joy to get their candies. So simple; and they never whine.

At Broadway Dental, we have several flavors of xylitol candies. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that deactivates cavity-causing bacteria, and energizes the good bacteria in the mouth. I use the Spry brand of xylitol candy. Spry candies are pH balanced, so they are safe for the teeth after brushing.

Spry xylitol candies can be found at Broadway Dental and at health food stores like Andy’s Market and Super1.

After my kids get their candies, I get one too, for being such a good mom!